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EQUINIX Fixnetix leverages platform Equinix to drive international growth

With its global network of connectivity partners and team of financial infrastructure deployment experts, Equinix has enabled Fixnetix to expand rapidly into growing markets with new exchanges, and offer a suite of innovative products globally.


Date: 21 Feb 2012

Speed, scale and connectivity drive financial markets. As globalization revs up, financial companies need to be literally everywhere at once in order to access global, fragmented markets in multiple asset classes using the latest market data. At the same time latency levels are being continuously forced down, enabled by an ever-shortening technology life-cycle. To keep ahead of these changes, traders are increasingly turning to component outsourcing for services such as data feed handling, analytics, benchmarking or risk management, as well as hosting and infrastructure provision.

Fixnetix is a successful provider of ultra-low latency market data feeds and trading connectivity to banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading groups. The secret to the success of the Fixnetix approach has been to analyze all parts of the technology chain and employ the best industry practices to implement their solution, delivering faster trading speeds, reduced latency, and a greater level of operational cost control to customers.

Key to this approach is the selection of the right partners. Fixnetix started working with Equinix in 2007, colocating in the Equinix FR2 International Business Exchange (IBX®) data center in Frankfurt to benefit from Equinix
s exchange proximity relationship with Deutsche Börse. A year later, the company had set its sights on rapid expansion into most of the world’s leading financial centers as well as key emerging international exchanges. Fixnetix needed an infrastructure partner that could deliver instant low-latency reach to target venues and customers, maximum choice of network providers, and industry-leading practice in infrastructure, technology and service provision.

The Solution
To achieve its expansion plans, Fixnetix selected Platform Equinix and its network of global multi-tenanted data centers. Platform Equinix gave Fixnetix seamless access to all of the world’s top financial centers in a network-neutral environment, as well as an unrivalled community of over several hundred customers and partners.
Choosing Equinix meant that Fixnetix could control its costs, minimize latency levels, simplify its infrastructure across global financial markets, and pass all of these benefits on to its own customers.
Proximity to Target Markets
Over the years, Equinix has developed a global platform of nearly 100 network-rich IBX data centers, operating across 38 markets in five continents, including all of the world’s top 16 financial centers. Equinix’s footprint was a key Fixnetix driver, providing market proximity mapped to Fixnetix target requirements to enable global market access and business growth.

“Platform Equinix provides access to the best low-latency networks in the 12 key markets that Fixnetix operates in, including London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Chicago and New York,” explained Al Moore, Head of Business Development at Fixnetix.

Maximising Opportunities with over 60 exchange and trading platforms, 400+ buy-and sell-side firms,
150+ service providers and nearly 700 networks, Platform Equinix generates revenue opportunities through its networked community of market participants and service providers.

“Equinix attracts the most comprehensive financial services clients worldwide - that’s where we need to be located in order to maximize opportunities,” said Moore.

Speed to Market on a Global Scale
Inside Platform Equinix, Fixnetix has deployed over 370 cross-connects, Using Equinix’s SLA-driven remote Smart Hands on-site service enables Fixnetix to guarantee delivery times for these cross-connections, compressing time-to-market for new customers to less than 24 hours. At the same time, Smart Hands delivers scale and control, allowing Fixnetix to operate at full capacity in multiple markets while reducing capex spend and non-essential overheads.

Technological Edge
Fixnetix pioneered the use of new technologies such as field-programmable gate array (FPGA), leveraging the architecture of Platform Equinix to create competitive advantage for customers.
“FPGA solutions can be used to embed exchange gateways and trading algorithms in the same hardware,” said Moore. “Adoption of this technology is set explode and will undoubtedly proliferate within high-quality neutral data centres with a rich financial ecosystem such as key data centers run by Equinix.

This technology will both reduce power consumption and the footprint of a whole exchange ecosystem which will ultimately result in the shortening of the maximum length of a cross connect to just 50 meters thus creating a more level playing field for trading participants. This closer proximity to multiple market participants further lowers latencies that are already being measured into the nanoseconds.”

A Symbiotic Relationship Driving Growth
The Fixnetix expansion strategy has paid dividends, with revenues growing at a phenomenal rate between 2007 and 2011. One of the key factors driving this growth has been the successful partnership which Fixnetix and Equinix have built.

Each has enriched the other’s ecosystem by enabling connections to new markets and trading firms, driving mutual growth in the fast-paced international financial services environment.

“Our global expansion has been aided by the excellent working relationship we have with Equinix,” said Al Moore. “With its key financial infrastructure and Exchange relationships, Equinix has enabled Fixnetix to expand rapidly into growing financial markets providing it’s services to those customers seeking the most performant ways of accessing those exchanges.”


Fixnetix Results
£ Provided seamless access to every Fixnetix target market in
Europe and North America
£ Accelerated prospect and partner access through a mature
multi-asset financial services ecosystem
£ Supported competitive pricing and choice for customer
connectivity via a network-neutral environment with several
hundred connectivity providers
£ Guaranteed speed to market and cross-border service levels
for customers
£ Drove competitive advantage through adaptability to new
lower-latency technologies
£ Enabled exceptional growth through long-term dedicated
global infrastructure and technology partnership

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