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Fidessa safeguards its power supply

Financial IT firm, Fidessa PLC, has ensured that it will not face potential catastrophe caused by a blackout or power surge by using the services of the shentongroup to provide it with standby generators, generator maintenance as well as air conditioning.


Date: 16 Feb 2012

A leading supplier of multi-asset trading, portfolio analysis, decision support, compliance, market data and connectivity solutions for firms involved in trading the world’s financial markets, it was imperative that Fidessa ensured that it could continue to operate effectively in the event of a powercut. Aware that its existing, single standby generator was insufficient for its needs, Fidessa’s Global Head of ITS, David Awcock, turned to the shentongroup’s Scorpion Power Systems for a solution.

Following an in depth survey of Fidessa’s UK headquarters in Woking by Scorpion’s engineers, it became apparent that there were three key areas of the site that needed additional power support systems. Each of these facilities has now been equipped with an appropriately sized standby generator, ranging from 300kVA to 630kVA, so that offices and IT departments are unaffected when power outages occur. A further generator has been supplied to Fidessa’s offices in London.

To ensure consistent and reliable operation of all its generators in the event of a mains power failure, Fidessa has contracted with shentongroup’s Merlin Power Management to provide it with its Powercare Premier generator service contract. Including 365/24/7 maintenance as well as two-scheduled service visits and emergency call out with a guaranteed 4-hour response, the contract also incorporates remote generator monitoring and rapid response refuelling for the Woking generators.

As a result of this work, shentongroup’s air conditioning company, Celtaire, was asked to supply environmental air conditioning for Fidessa’s comms room in London, which is essential to prevent the build up of static electrical charges that can damage sensitive electrical equipment. With its power lineage, Celtaire was quickly able to understand the power density requirements of the IT equipment and design a solution that not only supports the IT equipment today, but also provides for flexibility and scalability in the future.

Commenting David Awcock, said: “It is very helpful to have an organisation that can provide us with an integrated service that combines the supply of standby generators with maintenance and air conditioning. All three of the shentongroup’s companies have given excellent service and have gone out of their way to accommodate us by carrying out installation work out of hours to prevent disruption to the day to day running of the company”.

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Tags: Design & Facilities Management, Power & Cooling

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