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Prolexic unveils DDoS Mitigation Service

Prolexic Technologies will introduce PLXconnect, a new Routed Mitigation Service, at the 2012 RSA Conference (Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA) on February 27, 2012.


Date: 23 Feb 2012

PLXconnect provides a new way to activate Prolexic’s industry-leading DDoS mitigation solutions. With a direct physical connection from a client’s network to Prolexic’s scrubbing centers via a private cloud, PLXconnect provides Prolexic clients with a high bandwidth option and predictable latency through an industry leading Service Level Agreement (SLA).

“PLXconnect is ideal for organizations that desire a high bandwidth solution for on-demand mitigation that is easier to set up and manage,” said Neal Quinn, vice president of operations at Prolexic. “Deploying the PLXconnect service is as simple as deploying a normal Internet connection and greatly simplifies activation for customers with large, complex networks.”

Because PLXconnect leverages a private cloud, it eliminates the complex network changes that are required when using an Internet-based routing solution like Generic Route Encapsulation (GRE). As a result, PLXconnect will be welcomed by businesses that operate a complex Internet edge deployment using many protocols and site to site VPNs or have complex application interactions.

“Prolexic has also extended our industry leading Service Level Agreement and we’re offering a latency and packet loss SLA for PLXconnect,” Quinn said. “That’s not possible with GRE over the public Internet and it demonstrates Prolexic’s firm commitment to meeting the demands of our customers.”

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