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Bradford Networks develops easy-to-use BYOD Mobile Security Suite with HP

Unique workflow wizard simplifies safe onboarding of personal mobile devices to corporate networks.


Date: 23 Feb 2012

Bradford Networks has developed a Mobile Security Suite with HP. The integrated solution combines Bradford’s heterogeneous network access control (NAC) with HP Enterprise Mobility Solutions to create an easy-to-use workflow wizard that simplifies the deployment of both Bradford and HP products. Benefits include securely allowing personal mobile devices onto corporate networks quickly and a decreased total cost of ownership.

“Gaining visibility into who and what devices are on your network is a critical first step towards enabling secure access in a Bring Your Own Device environment,” said Vincent Ma, VP, Business Development, Bradford Networks. “We have created the Mobile Security Suite to give customers a best-of-breed secure network access solution, so that customers can focus on running their business, not administering the solution.”

According to Gartner, NAC will be a key element in a flexible approach to securing a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) environment. “The ability to support NAC policies in wireless LANs will become more important during the BYOD era,” said Gartner research director, Lawrence Orans.

Available in a range of deployment options, including on-premise, virtual and as a private cloud offering, the Mobile Security Suite addresses the most critical enterprise IT issues driven by the consumerisation of IT, including:
· Enabling flexible network access for personal devices without compromising security – employees can use their own devices and be more productive
· Securing network resources, including financial assets, intellectual property, R&D data, credit card data, and patient data
· Providing the IT staff with 100 per cent visibility into the devices being connected to their corporate networks
· Provisioning network access based on device type and user role
· Eliminating device vulnerabilities that can create backdoors for cyber-criminals and advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks
· Ensuring regulatory compliance with PCI, CIPA, HIPAA and more.

“As the use of personal devices in the workplace becomes more prominent, organisations need a way to securely connect users to corporate networks,” said Roger Sands, product line director, Mobility and Wireless, Networking, HP. “Together, Bradford’s network access control and HP Networking solutions allow organisations to securely onboard and profile all types of personal mobile devices onto the network while achieving complete network visibility.”

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Tags: Security

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