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Halon Security Introduce Next-Generation Virtualized Security Routers for Cloud Security

Halon Security, Sweden's most prominent e-mail security and firewall appliance manufacture, announce today next-generation firewall and security router as a virtual appliance named Virtual Security Router (VSR). The new virtual firewalls enhance network security and brings future-proof technologies.


Date: 23 Feb 2012

“Our new powerful firewall and router extend possibilities to a new dimension. We’re offering unique rich feature sets that allows hosting, SaaS and cloud companies set security to another level without compromise. VSR is a complete security package for virtual infrastructure and can be easily integrated by using APIs. Halon Security is a technology partner with VMware and has a long-term commitment history so it was an obvious choice to support VMware vSphere”, said Peter Falck, President of Halon Security. “The number of partners and customers that have requested us to do a security platform for the virtual infrastructure was far exceeded our expectations. VSR offers additional interesting elements to virtual environments such as layer 7 load-balancing, enterprise routing and web acceleration”

Halon Security VSR
VSR is now available for small, midsize and enterprise customers. VSR offers the same high security and advanced feature set as the HSR hardware appliance series, including full IPv6 support, zero-config clustering and redundancy, application layer load-balancing, BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and OSPF (Open Shortest Path First), ssl and web acceleration, application control, traffic shaping and bandwidth management, revision based configuration and enterprise management, and more.

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